about ever green

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Bringing bones back to life, one fossil at a time.

Ever Green began as an experimental project in mid-2020. C. C. Hill, its author and creator, attempted various iterations of the idea before settling on a worldbuilding and visual development project in late 2023.

In their years of research, Hill uncovered a bounty of fossil collections, geological sites, and scientific papers. Though paywalls remain a frustrating barrier (as is the case for all science), the amount of information gleaned from free resources cannot be overstated.

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Though Ever Green is not the first project to put meat on the bones of Hell Creek biota, its mixture of scientific data and xenofiction - anthropomorphism of non-human characters - is unique.

Reconstructing a prehistoric ecosystem is a difficult feat indeed, and liberties are taken wherever palaeontologists cannot unanimously agree. The Hell Creek stratigraphy is a work in progress; some animal genera were described as recently as the late 2010s and others are considered dubious to this day.

Nevertheless, the fossil biota of Hell Creek is substantial enough to paint a picture of what the ecosystem resembled in life. There weren't just dinosaurs stalking the land or pterosaurs flying in the sky: mammals, lizards, testudines, birds, amphibians, and fish were bountiful denizens as well.