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behold the ever green

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Sixty-six million years ago, beasts ruled Hell Creek.

What is now barren rock was once a bountiful floodplain. Dinosaurs roamed the Maastrichtian Cretaceous landscape in search of food, mates, and territory.

Flying pterosaurs soared across blue skies and crocodile relatives swam in rivers. Small mammals and birds hid in trees and burrows. The plant life around these animals was beginning to look like ours - flowering and fruit bearing.

The primordial Hell Creek formation - the land these beasts, daemons, and critters called the Ever Green - was as whimsical as it was dangerous.

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Ever Green: Hell Creek Alive is a reconstruction of the northeastern Hell Creek formation as described by science and speculation. Citations and footnotes are used to indicate data published in scientific journals. Consider it a worldbuilding project based in reality!

Jump into a majestic and mysterious part of Earth as it was in the late Cretaceous period. Behold the Ever Green.